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Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat for Injection Process

E-glass, fiberglass mat, for Injection Process,New product hot sale
Fiber appearance:
  • EMS450

  • Tianming

  • 70191500

Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat for Injection Process

Continuous filament mat is made of continuous fiberglass filament,The filaments are randomly distributed by free fall and then compacted by adhesive bonding.

The continuous filament mats are widely used in auto interior, such as sun visor, rear shelf, spare tire cover, fender, refrigerated car box, high voltage resistant insulation for transformers, reinforced profiles, reinforced windows and doors and so on. It also can be used as reinforced materials in GMT, asphalt linoleum, plastic floor geotextile. The reinforced products have high product strength smooth appearance and good moldability.


1.Perfect tensile strength and bending strength;

2.Cleaning surface ,Anti-uv, anti-aging;

3.Excellent chemical stability,heating resistance and well insulation;

4.Not easily move,suit for injection molding;

5.The best choice for Pultrusion and RTM.




•Automotive interior


•Molding process

Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat series

( grams per sq.m )
( mm )

Loss on Ignition
( % )


( % )

Net Weight per Roll

( kg )

Use And Craftwork
REMS300-4501050-23002--4≤0.2030/35/45/50RTM/auto part
FEMS300-4501050-23002--6≤0.2030/35/45/50Compression molding

(1)Other weights are available upon request.

(2)Other widths are available upon request.

Packaging & label: 

Each roll is wrapped around a paper tube with an inner diameter of 76 millimeters(3 inches),completely wrapped in stretched film packaging.placed vertically or horizontally on each pallet,and wrapped in stretched film packaging.in order to achieve 100% traceability ,the information is printed on the packaging film. Each roll has a label that provides a detailed description of the product specifications,product code,nominal weight,roll width,roll number and manufacturing date.Each pallet is identified by a pallet label including the date and the pallet weight.


Unless otherwise specified, fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moistureproof area. Room temperature and humidity should always be maintained at 15°C – 35°C, 35% – 65% respectively. Best used within 12 months after production date. Fiberglass products should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use.

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