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Fiberglass Composite Mat 335 gsm: Fiberglass Mat And Polyester Surface Tissue

E-glass, powder binder, no polyester string, with surface mat, white.
  • PEMS335

  • Tianming

  • 70191500

Fiberglass Composite Mat :

The composite mats are combined with chopped strand and polyester surface veil. It is a high-tech product. And we have its independent intellectual property right and patent. The composite mat has the characteristics of high strength, fast flow of resin between layers, easy-rolling resin and good flat permeability. The continuous filament and polyester surface veil composite mat has higher strength and more clear surface. These two kind mat widely used in pultrusion products, RTM products and also high quality hand lay-up products. The stitched fiberglass and polyester surface veil composite mat, and the multiaxial fabric and polyester surface veil composite mat, solve the question caused by the stitched mat-the reinforced product's surface aging problem, and also make the surface more beautiful.

Fiberglass Composite Mat Series:

(grams per sq.m)
Loss on lgnition(%)Moisture(%)(Roll weight/kg)Use and Craftwork
PEC240-3401050-12004-7≤0.230/35Pultrusion process
PNMF5201270no binderno moistrure50


1.Isotropic and mechanical capabilities between continuous strand mats and chopped strand mats.

2.Well designed meet for different requirements.

3.Easily molding and excellent compatibility with resin.

4.Suits any requirements of FRP


Fiberglass composite mat has the characteristics of both continuous filament mats and chopped strand mats, which are flowing faster in layer resin and also with faster and well wet-out rate. Continuous/polyester veil composite mat has higher strength and more clear surface. These two kind mat are widely used in Pultrusion, RTM and also high requirements molding process.

Packaging & label: 

Each roll is wrapped around a paper tube with an inner diameter of 76 millimeters(3 inches),completely wrapped in stretched film packaging.placed vertically or horizontally on each pallet,and wrapped in stretched film packaging.in order to achieve 100% traceability ,the information is printed on the packaging film. Each roll has a label that provides a detailed description of the product specifications,product code,nominal weight,roll width,roll number and manufacturing date.Each pallet is identified by a pallet label including the date and the pallet weight.


Unless otherwise specified, fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moistureproof area. Room temperature and humidity should always be maintained at 15°C – 35°C, 35% – 65% respectively. Best used within 12 months after production date. Fiberglass products should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use.

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