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Continuous Filament Mat 150 gsm

E-glass, powder binder, white.
  • EMS150
  • Tianming
  • 70193100

Continuous Filament Mat 150 gsm

The continuous filaments are randomly distributed dby free fall and then compacted by adhesive . This product suits for pultrusion, RTM, Winding and molding processes.

Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat Series:

Model   No. Weight Width Loss on   Ignition  Moistrure   Content Net   Weight per Roll
(oz. per sq.ft) (grams   per sq.m) (inch) (mm) (%) (%) (lb) (kg)
PEMS 0.5/0.98/1.47 150/300/450 41-102 1040-2300 4-10 ≤0.2 66 30
Use And Craftwork: Specialized for Pultrusion Process/Winding process
REMS 0.98/1.47 300/450 41-102 1040-2300 2-4 ≤0.2 66 30
Use And Craftwork: Specialized for RTM / VARTM / Injection process
EEMS 0.98/1.47/2 300/450/600 41-102 1040-2300 3-5 ≤0.2 66 30
Use And Craftwork: Electric insulation products (Dry type transformer)
FEMS 0.98/1.47 300/450 41-102 1040-2600 2-6 ≤0.2 66 30
Use And Craftwork: Molding process


1. The tensile strength and bending strength are better than the chopped strand mat..

2. Excellent compatibility with resin, cleaning surface, well tightness

3. Excellent heating resistance.

4. Faster and well wet-out rate

5. Easily fills mold and confirms to complex shapes


Continuous filament mat is suitable for Pultrusion process, RTM/VARTM process, moliding process and winding process. Widely used in Automotive body parts, insulation products like transformer, and other reinforced materials.


Packed by rolls or by pieces (customized size).

Packed by roll.jpg

Packed by piece.jpg


Unless otherwise specified, fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moistureproof area. Room temperature and humidity should always be maintained at 15°C – 35°C, 35% – 65% respectively. Best used within 12 months after production date. Fiberglass products should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use.

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